About Me

Welcome to my website. My name is Angie Droulias and I offer writing services pertaining to the tech, education, wellness and entertainment niches.

…but it wasn’t always so. My early career began as an English Language Teacher in Greece, where I spent approximately a decade tutoring youngsters and adults. I would occasionally take on brief writing gigs, such as ESL material and the odd article or blog post here and there, but writing was yet to become a profession until 2009.

My freelance writing career kicked off when I began writing for a well-known Greek magazine,  an endeavour that eventually led me to dabble in the publishing sector myself. I soon began publishing a local magazine via a small press, which inevitably led me to pursuing its digital counterparts: e-mags, e-books, and so on.

When I had produced, formatted, edited and ghostwritten more e-books than I can count, I decided to pursue the fascinating realm of copywriting.

Today, I pride on a portfolio rich in copy and creative writing projects for clients from all over the world. I’ve provided my words and inspirations to a range of innovative startups, high-tech brands, ESL schools, authors, artists and viral blogs.

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(Kindly bear with me as the site is still under construction 🙂 )